An advanced guide to using Instagram to build your brand & the facts that you really need to know

By February 2, 2018Social Media

Are you aware of the fact that Instagram recently passed 700 million monthly active users!
I really feel that it is the most popular social media platform for Generation Z with over 59% of the group using it.
This platform is hard for any brand to ignore its power
Instagram gives business tycoons the power to grow and promote their brands more effectively than ever before.
But how?

Well, let me share with you my thoughts on how an Instagram strategy can build your brand, and the best strategies that you could use.

Curated posts:

In my opinion, leveraging user generated content on Instagram is the key to curating a beautiful Instagram feed.
So, you can use this excellent strategy to market your own business. You need to have people using your branded hashtag.
Once you have that, then it’s the time to collect the best user generated content and post it on your Instagram feed.
Collecting user generated content from Instagram is very easy.
All you’ve to do is type in your branded hashtag, and you’ll easily be able to save your favorites and post them to Instagram.
When you see a photo you love, just click on the photo> select “Add to Media Library,” >continue to do this for all the photos you like.

Instagram caption:

Good Instagram caption is available in all shapes and sizes, from short and sweet to a longer, in-depth stories.
As long as your audience finds it engaging, you are doing great!
So, you’ve the opportunity to add context to your photo, or just communicate with your followers and customers!
Instagram Captions are very useful for each Instagram users to create a strong Instagram profile.

Instagram for business:

How can your business get the most out of Instagram marketing?
To understand this, you need to go through this post thoroughly.
It covers everything from getting started and creating a content strategy, to building your brand & boosting results.

How to set up an Instagram account for your business

Simply, download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play (it’s free). You will need to sign up.
This means choosing a master email and a secure password. Once you have entered the app, you’re required to fill out your profile.
Here are some tips on optimizing your business’ Instagram profile

Your username and bio

Your instagram username should match with the username of your other branded social media profiles.
The only other information that appears on your public profile is your website and a short bio.
Use your bio to explain each and everything about your business. You can add any branded hashtags you want followers to use.

Your profile photo

Your Instagram profile photo should be your company’s logo.

Follow people

To start your business’ Instagram presence, you’ll need to follow a bunch of users.
Find influencers in your industry, customers, and other people relevant to your brand and follow them accordingly.
Search industry hashtags. Also, make your presence known by commenting on photos and following people who participate in these discussions.
You would be really surprised how quickly this can expand your following on Instagram.

Setting goals for your business on Instagram

  • Identifying and establishing relationships with influencers
  • Increase product sales
  • Attract top talent
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Drive traffic to your website

Getting creative with your Instagram content

Use photo and video albums

You can add up to ten photos and videos to a single Instagram post, thereby giving users the opportunity to see each individual piece of content.
You can combine photos and videos to tell stories and convey information in a highly engaging way.

Instagram Stories:

In my opinion, Instagram Stories are fun and creative. I have personally created many stories. These are truly very effective in building brand awareness.
They are great for growing your engagement, driving traffic to your website, and boosting ecommerce sales!
To know more about it, simply click the below mentioned link:

What to Post on Instagram Stories for Business

If you are using Instagram Stories for business, it’s good to post a mix of lighthearted, fun and promotional content.

Add gallery photos and Snaps to your Story

Hey! It’s just simple, use saved snaps from Snapchat or shots from your phone’s photo gallery as Stories?
Just tap the download button after you take a snap in Snapchat.
It’ll save to your camera roll.
Add a photo from your photo gallery, start a story and swipe down.
A gallery with all of your latest photos will come up that may also include your saved Snapchat photos. Tap on your snap and post as usual.

Tag somebody!

While adding text to a Story, you can meanwhile include @ symbol followed by the username to tag someone.
If you follow that person, the icon will pop up. Just tap on it. After that, the person will be tagged in your Story.
The tag is a live link to the person’s profile and you can tag up to ten people.
When you tag people, they are notified in Instagram Direct. So, it’s a great way to allow friends know about your Stories.
You can meanwhile use location and hashtag stickers to enhance your discoverability.

How can you run a Successful Instagram Contest?

Is Instagram part of your social media marketing (SMO)? Do you want to run contests on Instagram?

I’ll explain it to you in detail regarding how to create and run a successful Instagram contest for your brand or business.

1 Keep your contest title short, funny and related to your promotion, market and business goals

2 Get inspired photographs and/or videos to use in your promotion.

3 Post it on Instagram. Post about the contest on the company’s website or write an article on the blog.

4 Send personalized messages to targeted groups of your email list.

5 Gain free promotion with a press release.

6 Send a press release after you announce the winner.

7 Make promotional material to post in your store. It includes your prize contest details, hashtag, a visual of your contest or prize.

8 Choose and inform the winner.

9 Share the winning entry on Instagram.

Scheduling calendars:

The Social Media Content Calendar Template that every marketer needs. To know more,
simply click on this link

Scheduling tools:

Do you know that some tools are available that can help you compose your posts in full and have them ready for publishing in advance?
To understand each and every aspect, simply click on the link

Instagram Bio Hacks:

Your bio is the first thing people will see when they come to your profile. So, you need to know how to create a lasting first impression and stand out from the crowd.

I have mentioned top Instagram bio hacks for you.

1 Use hashtags only if necessary

2 Keep bio length between 140-160 characters

3 Always include your email

4 Do not put your ‘Name’ in the ‘Name’ section

5 Format your bio in Notes

6 Use the link section wisely

7 Using emojis

8 Include a CTA i.e Call To Action

Just go through this link to explore more:

Instagram influencers:

Finding influencers on social media may seem daunting to brands.
Due to this reason, influencer platforms were first set up. It is done to simplify the influencer search process for brands.
Nike with 72 million followers and National Geographic with 77.2 million followers have done an amazing job with their own accounts.
By working with one or more influencers the average company can reach a much higher audience.
Here, you can check out the Top 25 Instagram influencers


In today’s world, there is so many social media marketing out there. So, it can be hard to keep up with it all.
But when Instagram engagement is 10 times higher than Facebook and 54 times higher than Pinterest, we should take notice.
Using Instagram’s highly visual presence, you will be able to distinguish your business in a very beautiful way.

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