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Logo Explanation

[nectar_image_with_hotspots image="6997" preview="" color_1="Accent-Color" hotspot_icon="plus_sign" tooltip="hover" tooltip_shadow="none"][nectar_hotspot left="87.60557432432432%" top="0%" position="right"]Hidden in there is INR symbol which depicts the nature of work we do[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left="16.88837274774775%" top="25.124643874643876%" position="left"]“F” indicating finance part of the brand[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left="70.93890765765765%" top="59.21919515669516%" position="right"]“स” indicating seva part of the brand[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left="0%" top="70.18340455840456%" position="left"]Sharp edges to represent speed and modern approach to things[/nectar_hotspot][/nectar_image_with_hotspots]