How to Get More Followers on Instagram: 7 Tactics That Actually Work!

By February 2, 2018Social Media

Instagram is a most popular social networking app. You can use it for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone.
I have personally created an Instagram account. I have a profile and a news feed. When I post a photo or video on Instagram, it gets displayed on my profile.
Other users who follow me will see my posts in their own feed. Likewise, you’ll see posts from other users whom you wish to follow.

Here’re some best methods to increase Instagram Followers:

1. Signup with Facebook:

In my opinion, it’s the easiest and quickest way to set up your Instagram account.
It’ll automatically allow you to follow your friends that are already on Instagram & in turn they’ll follow you too.
Your friends and family would be the first followers on Instagram. They’ll help boost your profile and get you ready for the main deal.

2. Quality Photos:

The most important thing on Instagram is the quality of your photos. So, make sure that your photos are of high quality before you post them on Instagram.
If you’ve quality photos on Instagram, then it’ll help you get more likes, comments and more followers.
If you’re taking the pictures with a camera, then make sure that the lighting and focus are right to get you the right photos you need to go viral on Instagram

3. Like other Photos:

When you like the photos of other people, then those people will surely visit your profile and decide to follow and like your photos.
This way, you start growing your network on Instagram.

4. Follow others:

I personally feel that it is the fastest way to grow your followers on Instagram. When you follow others, they might follow you back.
This helps increase your followers and likes on photos you’ve on your profile. Simply, you need to follow others to get more followers. That’s it.

5. Comment on other Photos:

When you comment on other people photos, they might follow you and like your photos too.
Just take some time out of your social media marketing timetable & comment on other people photos to increase your followers.

6. Use relevant Hashtags:

Hashtags are used to increase your posts appearance publicly.
So, when you tag your post with a hashtag, others will be able to see your pictures and videos on that hashtag Instagram page.
The right hashtag or combination of hashtags will expose your brand to huge, targeted audience.
When it comes to choosing Instagram hashtags, the golden rule is to use only hashtags that are relevant to your industry, brand and targeted audience.
Double check to make sure that hashtag means what you think it means. Before using any hashtag, be sure to go through the hashtag page.
This makes sure that the associated content is what you think it would be.

7. Exchange Shoutouts:

This is simply a method to promote others while they promote you too. It’s simply a win-win situation for both members.
This method helps in promoting your profile. Simply, you need to find people within your place and reach out to them and ask for a shoutout.
You can also do this by sending them a simple email or request on Instagram.

Final Words:

Consistency is important. Post photos consistently but not too often. Try to post 1 – 3 photos each day.
Have a niche. This means that your Instagram account should have a theme. So, your followers will know what they’re expecting when they decide to follow you.

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