Whatsapp for business: What are the best new ‘features’ that you would need to know?

By February 21, 2018Social Media


Whatsapp is basically meant for communicating with people. However, today you can use Whatsapp for business purpose as well. It can fulfill the business needs of people.

There are 7 different features that Whatsapp has to offer. Take a look at them: 

1. Automated away message/ busy message:

In Whatsapp business, you can see a new feature called ”automated away message”. According to it, when someone messages you and you were busy at that moment, then you can send a ”busy message” to them.

To set firstly, Go to Settings>Business settings>Away Message>


Away message is very helpful and with the help of this, you can avoid many mishappenings and at the end, you will not lose your customer.

2. Quick replies:

This is a very important feature of Whatsapp. So, now you can easily reply to as many queries as you can. Meanwhile, you can answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Go to Settings>Business Settings>Quick Replies>



  1. The green tick:

For every business profile, there is a verification badge. So, whenever a customer looks at your profile, they would see a verification badge.

There’re 3 different badges:

  • Grey Question mark: It means that you are using Whatsapp business app but your business account is not yet verified by Whatsapp.
  • Grey Tick mark: This means that the phone number registered matches with the phone number you have mentioned.
  • Green Tick mark: This means that your Whatsapp business account is verified under a particular brand name.

This verification process is very useful. You can protect yourself from any sort of scams and other mishappenings.

  1. Messaging statistics:

Through Whatsapp business app, you can easily check the statistical data of messages. You can see the number of messages that have been sent, delivered, read etc.

Go to Settings>Business settings>Statistics>



So, further, you can make changes and can easily communicate with your customers. There are chances of more sales and conversion.

  1. Labels- Categorize customers:

When you’re running a business, then you’ve to systematically arrange all the things. So, here the new Whatsapp feature called ‘label’ plays a very significant role.

With the help of this feature, you can easily be able to arrange all categories. Ultimately, you have different categories: new customer, new order, pending payment, paid orders etc.


So, you can easily track everything and streamline your work.

  1. Automated greeting message:

Another feature of Whatsapp for business is the Greeting message.

Here, your new customer will get a greeting message whenever he/she approaches you. When he/she is not active on Whatsapp for many days, then also the concerned person will get a Greeting message. To activate this feature:

Go to Settings>Business settings>Greeting Message>


  1. Business profile:

Now, you can have a complete business profile and you can add everything to your business profile. So, your customer will check all these information & directly connect with you. To activate:

Go to Settings>Business settings>Profile>

Wrapping up:

So, if you’re running a small, medium or large business, then you can go for Whatsapp Business now & increase your sales, revenue, traffic, and conversion.

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