2 secrets and 3 keys is all you need to evoke “Trust” with the power of design in your finance business.

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Finance is a business that has been historically associated with stuff like numbers and charts but what changes did the industry see in the recent past?

One dramatic change is the inclusion of design and aesthetics in the financial sphere. Chances are you have seen swanky graphics and charts replacing the old ones like this.

Comparison between old style finance charts and modern swanky one by The Dreamer Designs

Also you must have seen giants like PayPal, Xoom, and maybe your own banks as well, have suddenly taken the race to millennialism.

There are two reasons for this,  One, they know who is going to be their market in the near future: The millennials.

Second, they now know one secret that the old financial institutions couldn’t explore. The secret that their customers aren’t buying charts but they are buying “trust”. And trust is an emotion that can be evoked with the right kind of Design.

Yes, you read it right. You can simply present yourself as more trustworthy even without meeting your prospect. 

For the sake of simplicity, understand it this way. You are about to make a big financial deal and you meet the person with who you will be dealing with. He has shabby looks and calls you at a small noisy bar. Will you be comfortable making the deal?

Now evaluate what image your website and presentations exhibit to your customer. Is it the same polished look when you dress up when presenting your best self?

Take another example. Every time you meet that guy he has different answers when asked about his roots. Will that raise some concerns?

Similar concerns may appear if a business doesn’t maintain consistency in its branding. It looks different in business cards and a lot different on the website.

The finance industry is about trust and sooner we know how to control that emotion the better we can handle it.

Now that we have fairly established the importance of design and its superpower to evoke trust, let’s evaluate how it can be used to your benefit.

Like no magic is successful without a practiced magician, no emotion is evoked without a practiced designer.

When looking for someone who can set the right image for your business make sure you have some basics covered. Look for these 3 very important keys when engaging with a design consultant.

Variety of services.

A Designer should be able to offer a variety of solutions so brand consistency can be maintained.  Different designers for one brand would mean different looks for different days. One who can create infographics and showcase the numbers well and can also work on your website. One who knows print and knows digital marketing as well.

Legit by all means.

Money business is already full of things to take care of and in the midst of it you don’t want to be dragged for a silly copyright violation issue because you have used a graphic that is not licensed. Ensure that the designer you have is all covered with legit design assets and keeps you safe from such issues. Ask them if they get the images from legit sources or they pitch the stuff from google and remove watermark? If later is the case, stay far away.

Experience of working in the finance industry.

See if your designer has a dedicated portfolio of services for just finance related clients. Have they worked with any noted names in the industry, How long they have been able to retain a client particularly in the finance segment?

Are they comfortable with handling numbers in their designs?

How many years of experience do they have?  Getting on with someone 10 years plus maybe a safe bet but just do not have that number as your parameter. Look for their portfolio and clients they have worked with.

We hope these tips will help you make the best decision for your finance business and if you think you need some design related help but still have doubts left, please let us know and avail our absolutely free and nonobligatory design audit for your business. We offer you an absolutely FREE and exclusive report customized to your business where we share insight on what changes the power of design can bring to your business.

Nishant Sapra

Nishant Sapra

Nishant Sapra is an Indian design solution expert and infographic maestro, an avid learner with over 20 certifications in various business and design domains, and an Author too. He is the founder and creative head at The Dreamer Designs, an award-winning design agency from India. He is an entrepreneur with three businesses in the field of education, design, and e-commerce. When not working he likes reading, socializing, and spending time with his family. His dedication to extraordinary and beauty have compelled Nishant to hike his brand to international clients. You may be familiar with one of his pan-global projects, such as projects with brands like Mercedes, Microsoft, and Upwork. If not, howdy and lovely meeting you! Find him online (site/ mail/ facebook /linkedin)