5 strategies we bet on to give your Finance presentation a sharp professional edge

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Let’s address it already, Finance presentation has a reputation of being boring and can dread even the most devoted professionals. But as boring as the data is, it holds a huge significance to the industry, which makes it firmly non-negligible.

Whether you wish to present the past performance of an industry, or success rate of a marketing campaign, or maybe competitor data, a creatively designed Finance presentation can serve all these needs. 

In light of the above discussed subject matter, we offer you strategies that work like the Elder wand straight from Harry Potter to make your next finance presentation super professional!

1. Handling Finance and making a presentation on Finance is a complete different matter

Making a Finance Presentation is different from any other presentation. A template can serve purposes for corporate presentations/ charity organizations but definitely NOT for finance. Finance needs more space in the slides to inculcate the hefty amount of data while maintaining the aesthetics. 

So, here is what you can do. Make the data presented so impressive that you don’t have to depend on the template elements. Replace simple bar graphs with graphs of color branding, use animations, use the right typography to highlight things you want your audience’s focus on.


Now, let’s elaborate on the discussed suggestions and see them do the tricks for you.

2. Use of Graphical representation of data, a must for Finance presentation

Making such a presentation requires a careful arrangement of data and creativity. Bits of data and texts supported by images, comprising a large set of facts in a single graphical representation.


What your motto should beInscribe your idea in the audience’s minds! 

It is scientifically proven that the mind memorizes visual representation better than any other form of display of data. But usage of random graphs can alter the results. To make the presentation really gut-stirring and engaging, you need to have a definite rationale for using any graph. So, make sure to use proper graphs for specific presentations.

3. Do not overfeed your presentation

We understand how important it is to showcase your business number to your clients. But let’s face it, in this era of real short attention span you have to find ways to retain their attention till the last slide. And overfeeding it is not going to help it. Period.

So what do you do?

  • Do not stuff your presentation with numbers and figures. Don’t go too far using many difficult statistics, it becomes uninteresting. Use data and numbers wisely with a combination of graphical representations.
  • Simplify the data you are going to use. Empower your presentation with a well-sorted data depiction.
  • Monitor your textual content. Yes, not only the numbers but your words matter too. You might have a great vocabulary but refrain from using heavy words. Make sure your complex ideas shape up into short and clear sentences.

4. Choose the right font

“Type is what meaning looks like ~ Max Phillips”

You might think the variety of fonts available is just for the sake of freedom of choice. But it’s more than that, it lets you bolden your message. Take, for example, if you want to depict a message to scare the audience, you might want to go with something like “The Gypsy Curse” <in Chiller font, bold> rather than “The Gypsy Curse” <in Calibri font>. 

So choose your font intelligently, know what you want your texts to depict.

5. Work on the color combination of those slides

Color combination helps you attract your client’s attention unconsciously. What we advise is to keep the color of the background and the data/ text/ graphs in sharp contrast. Like a lighter color in the background and dark deep tones for the data. Also, make sure not to use tacky colors, you want the focus on data, and not on the eye-hurting colors. 

Another common mistake is highlighting the data rather than the message. Avoid doing this and focus on the vice versa! Trust me, nobody is interested in the numbers. They want to know what exactly it means. 


To encapsulate it all, our mantra : Design the data rather than fitting the data. 

Nishant Sapra

Nishant Sapra

Nishant Sapra is an Indian design solution expert and infographic maestro, an avid learner with over 20 certifications in various business and design domains, and an Author too. He is the founder and creative head at The Dreamer Designs, an award-winning design agency from India. He is an entrepreneur with three businesses in the field of education, design, and e-commerce. When not working he likes reading, socializing, and spending time with his family. His dedication to extraordinary and beauty have compelled Nishant to hike his brand to international clients. You may be familiar with one of his pan-global projects, such as projects with brands like Mercedes, Microsoft, and Upwork. If not, howdy and lovely meeting you! Find him online (site/ mail/ facebook /linkedin)