In the world of overloaded information, Infographics can be considered as the best way to communicate.

Infographics are all about what you see. An average user reads only 20% to 28% of the text and what about the rest? Well, rest is all visual. Infographics are a fun way to make your textual information go graphic & the audience remembers them for a long time.


If you want to Present information, static infographics can work quite well.

1. They can help to get viral-spread like wildfire by giving a minimum improved outreach of about 12%.

2. Infographics are a great branding tool that can take you to the top digitally and proven to retain more clients through visual stimulation.

3. A well developed and pleasing infographic helps to strengthen SEO.

4. Infographics helps to drive people to your website since they are “linkable” and “shareable”. Also, this is helpful for Google’s “Page Rank” algorithm, which is important aspect for the SEO.

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To get a unique infographic that best suits your needs, you can easily get in touch with The Dreamer Designs. We are a passionate bunch of designers, researchers, and content creator and have been leading the space of infographics and have designed over 1200 infographics for brands like Mercedes, Nokia, Microsoft, CupoNation and more.

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    How do you design an infographic?

    We follow these simple steps to design Awesome infographics

    1. Understand your requirement
    2. Request for content if available
    3. If the content is not available, we research the same
    4. Create a story
    5. Add visual storytelling magic
    6. Send for review

    What are infographics and examples?

    An infographic is an art of visual storytelling. It involves the use of graphics, images and icons to create a story that is pretty and easy to understand at the same time.

    We can actually consider infographics as the first mode of communication, where early humans used pictures to represent their needs.

    In the modern world, we see infographics everywhere. Some of the examples are:- Newspapers showing graphs for election results, interactive presentations showing weather results on a map, etc. 

    What is the best software to make infographics?

    Photoshop, Figma, Adobe Spark, Canva, Visme, Stencil, Freepik, Easel, Infogram, Google Charts, Venngage, Snappa are some examples of some software you can use to make infographics.

    But, they only go a long way when you have a great designer to make that happen.

    What are the types of infographics?

    Broadly, infographics are of 5 types by the way they are designed

    • Static Infographics
    • Animated/ Gifographics
    • Interactive Infographics
    • Video Infographics
    • HTML Based or Web-based Infographics

    Know more about them here.

    But based on what purpose they are designed for, here is a different classification:

    Know more about them here.

    Can an infographic be 2 pages?

    Not that there is a rule, infographics are usually of one page. Other than that, it completely depends upon the purpose of your infographics. If need be, they can be of multiple pages or as long as a book as well.

    Where are infographics used?

    Infographics can be used anywhere you need to do 2 things:- Get the attention of the reader and not take too much of their time either. 

    Some of the common uses are advertisements, promotional material, results of the survey, resume, explaining a process, etc.

    Why do we use infographics?

    The main purpose of an infographic is to gain the attention of the user. Infographics easily defeat the barriers of attention, language or boredom. Rather, the visual representation makes it quick and easy to grasp and makes the content engaging.

    Are infographics effective?

    Infographics are as effective as any other visual content. In fact, they are the perfect way of transmitting intricate information easily.

    What makes an infographic bad?

    Infographics go wrong when there is more information than what the audience can stick to.

    It can kill the effect of your infographic. It can also alter the whole purpose of making the information easy to perceive.

    How are infographics used in marketing?

    Infographics make your data process much faster than plain text. Along with it, they’re SEO friendly as well. This makes them pretty important to use for marketing purposes. It has to be a part of your plan to stay ahead in the competition.

    How do you use infographics?

    5 popular ways in which we use infographics are:

    1) As a recruiting tool

    2) Presenting survey data

    3) Simplifying a concept 

    4) As a Call to action

    5) To raise awareness

    What to include in infographics?

    A successful infographic has an appealing design, relevant graphs, important data, content to provide context and it collectively tells a story.

    What is the best size for an infographic?

    An ideal infographic is around 600 pixels wide and around 1800 pixels in length. However, vertical infographics stay between 600-1100 pixels in width.

    Why is an infographic an effective communication tool?

    Infographics deliver complex messages easily, being visually appealing at the same time. It makes them communicate information instantly, simply and effectively.

    How much text should an infographic have?

    The content part of the graphics gives the main information and data. It is very important to keep in mind that the text in the body part should be limited to the main data. The text should only have 15-20 words.

    What is the most important part of an infographic?

    The main part of the Infographic is a header in which the title is written. Our focus while working on Infographics is that the title is bold, stylish, attractive, and has a little text supporting it.

    Can an infographic be a video?

    Yes, an infographic can be a video. A video infographic presents the audience with intense information easily and tends to improve the impact as well.

    Why are infographics so popular?

    Infographics are getting more popular everyday because like every visual content, it is more effective and is a crucial element of a successful marketing mix, as it creates 3 times more leads.

    Do infographics help SEO?

    Yes, infographics are SEO friendly as well. Majorly, all the text included is crawlable by search engine crawlers. It can have HTML tags like H1, li, etc.

    How does an infographic work?

    An infographic presents a story with facts and figures which makes the audience stick their attention to it. Their attention grabbing power makes them work better than plain text.