A Divi web designer’s guide on what not to expect from Divi

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Unlike other WordPress themes, Divi is a design framework that you can customize every aspect of your WordPress website.


It lets you control every minute part of your website to create a design that you’re most satisfied with, and to create such a website you will be willing to pay a reasonable amount of money. But let us warn you not to go into it expecting the supernatural.


Just like every technology, Divi has its limits and you need expert help to make things work in your favor keeping these limitations in mind.

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Looking to buy your own Divi Membership?

Buy using our link and get one Divi set up, absolutely free!

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Or even better,
Save up on much and let us get the work done for you.

Here are a few things that you should not expect from Divi according to an expert Divi web designer.

1. Do not expect the work to be done on its own

Divi is one of the best WordPress themes out there that help you customize your website. Just because you implemented Divi, doesn’t mean your Divi web design would be perfect for your brand. You will need expert help to customize your design and you need to communicate with your Divi designer on what all needs to be done in your design.

2. Do not expect your website to be SEO optimized on its owns

Having Divi does not mean that it will do everything needed for your website. You will have to sit down with your designer and get your website SEO optimized. Optimizing your website will bring more traffic to it.

3. Do not expect perfect animations for your brand

Implementing Divi doesn’t mean your work is done. The animations and effects that go into your website all need to customize with the help of a professional Divi web designer. Divi would not recognize what you want and do it for you, it only provides an opportunity to customize it.

4. Do not expect Divi to come with images and graphics

Images and graphics play a vital role in your website design. When you choose Divi as your website theme it gives you the flexibility to customize it to your taste. Adding images that represent your brand is necessary for a well-customized website. But do not expect Divi to provide you with images. You will have to buy stock image services that will provide you images that would go hand in hand with your brand. But buying a stock image bundle to use only one or two images might seem too much. This is where you need an expert Divi designer who would already have access to stock images. This would cut down unnecessary.

5. Do not expect an all-rounder

Divi is not an all-rounder. Sometimes to perform certain functions you will have to use a plugin. WordPress supports a lot of plugins that provide various functionalities. To find out which plugin to use for your Divi web design, ask your designer and they will know the perfect one for you. Click here to read about our favorite WordPress plugins and the reason behind them.

6. Do not expect auto fitted analytical skills

Divi does not come with the capability to collect data and analyze them. Analyzing data is required for the success of your website. It is highly necessary to add this feature to your website with the help of your Divi designer.

7. Do not expect it to be easy to create a website

Even though Divi lets you customize your theme easily, the creation of a website in itself might be a bit difficult. It is easy to handle your website with the help of Divi for sure, but creating it would require a professional designer who would know what they are doing. If you are thinking of using Divi as your website theme do make sure you have an experienced designer who knows how to work with Divi.

The takeaway

Divi is one of the best WordPress themes out there that lets you customize everything in your website to suit your brand and purpose. But never go into it expecting the best thing that has happened to mankind. Technology has its limits and can only perform well with the assistance of a human. When it comes to dealing with web and graphic designs it is always better to leave it to the hands of experts. They would know exactly what to do to make the website work exceptionally well, without leaving any gap for errors. As a well-experienced Divi designer with over 15 years of experience, we have always made sure to give our clients the best services when it comes to Divi web design customization. We provide plugin services, stock images, and above all customer satisfaction.

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