Solution provider to the world

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I once read an article that inspired me to find the one phrase that defines my life, and with all the thought I could give, I concluded that I find most inspired when I am part of the solution.


Since childhood, I have wanted to do something with computers, and design was something that happened to me during my journey exploring computers. I pursued it and got into various jobs like animator, game designer, graphics designer, and web designer. After working for many years, I thought to myself, what has brought me to the place where I am in my journey and what things work for me.

I realized it was NOT my designs. It was my interest in projects and the people behind them—the clients, end-users, and their problems to provide SOLUTIONS. It was because I was celebrating their success and sharing their pains wherever I could.


While in the job, I did not have the freedom to speak to every client and get to know their pain points, journeys, and motivations. So after working for eight years in various big and small agencies, I started as a freelancer. I worked with big agencies and their clients like Nokia India, Havells, Castrol Asia Pacific and tried to deliver my solutions.


It was all good, but I wanted to be a solution provider for the world. So I searched for platforms that could provide me exposure to the entire planet. I explored various platforms and worked with over 150 clients from French Polynesia to New Zealand. I worked with Big brands like Microsoft, Upwork, and Cuponation and the most enthusiastic entrepreneurs filled with zeal to make their mark in the world. To mark every new client I get, I plant a sapling and love to see it grow the way I wish to see my designs help my clients succeed.


The solution provider in me loved to explore new challenges to serve my clients better. It was not limited to design but included interesting tasks like translating an infographic in 13 different languages. In another instance, I was part of a team meeting with the client in the US, developer in Serbia, and I was here In India and a few more people from different parts of the world.


I got the opportunity to be part of many clients’ lives, and getting invitations for their wedding and designing their kid’s birthday greetings were little exchanges that kept it all human for me all this while.


I am proud that my designs are driven by purpose and crafted with creativity. If you are looking for design solutions, I will love to hear your story.


As I write this, I am blessed to be working with great people on the planet who make a significant impact by their work. Clients like Empowr and Polycycl, who are saving the world, Seva Light Mission committed to spreading happiness on a global level, and V Force Agents providing opportunities to the disabled make all my work satisfactory and worth waking up for every morning.


The next step is to connect with platforms like where I can serve the most elite clients and create a bigger impact with my design and solution providing ability.