Why as a web designer i preffer divi?

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Ever since it was introduced back in 2013, elegant Themes have constantly updated and improved Divi. I started using Divi 3 years ago, and if you had told me then that, in 2021 I would be writing about why I prefer it over anything else, I would not have believed them.


As the owner of a design agency Divi has made it possible to create a versatile design for all my clients. It helped me deliver a unique user experience to all of them. Ever since then, I have officially become a Divi web designer.

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Looking to buy your own Divi Membership?

Buy using our link and get one Divi set up, absolutely free!

Get it now!

Or even better,
Save up on much and let us get the work done for you.

As a designer with over 15 years of experience, let me tell you why I prefer Divi design over anything.

1. Easy to work with

Divi has a drag and drop option that lets you move around things on the front end of your website without the complex coding. It also lets you delete elements if they seem out of place.

2. CSS’s control

As a Divi designer, being able to control the visual with my custom CSS is a blessing. Divi provides the freedom to customize every element of the website to the liking of the user.

3. Creating a custom responsive website

Divi has made it possible to create a responsive website easily. It is also possible to customize this responsive website. In my 15 years of career, creating a custom responsive website has never been this easy.

4. Prearranged layout

Divi also maintains regularly updated pre-made designs that come with images, and icons. If our clients prefer a pre-made design, they are still going to have to choose from the amazing designs. Divi adds more pre-arranged layouts every week. The highlight is that the images are royalty-free and the design also has illustrations that can be used.

5. Lets you edit in real-time

Divi lets you edit your website and see it instantly. This helps make the work so much easier. The website visual provided helps you understand and design better.

6. Plugins

To add functionalities to your website, Divi provides various plugins and also supports various plugins. This helps create a well-tailored website. Click here to read more about using plugins to enhance the performance of your website.

7. The support they provide

Being a Divi partner has given me plenty of advantages. The biggest among them is the support they provide.

Using Divi to create your website is easy, but sometimes you might miss some minute details that make a huge difference for your website. This is why you always need an experienced Divi designer to do it for you. From finding the right plugin for you to understanding what would work well aesthetically and functionally, a Divi web designer can bring your website to great success. If you already have a website theme you are happy with, you can add a Divi builder plugin that would enhance the performance of your website.
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Nishant Sapra

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