Making sure that you hire the right website designer is a very important task, and a confusing one.

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In the virtual era, your website is the identity and the first point of contact of your brand, so making sure that you nail the first impression is crucial. And that’s why, when you’re making such a huge decision, we can understand it can get you scratching your head about what would be the best way to go about it.

But we boiled down these queries to the most crucial ones, so we’ve made your job a little easy when it comes to hiring the website developer that fits your bill perfectly –

If you are not sure, you can get a review by experts at The Dreamer Designs.

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If you are not sure, you can get a review by experts at The Dreamer Designs.

Get your website audit done for FREE by a member of Young Jury at AWWWARDS

Yes! I want free web audit

Have you worked on similar projects before?

It is very important that your developer and you see eye to eye about the goals that you wish to achieve through the website, or else whatever they come up with will always disappoint you. 

Especially, when translating ideas through the creative language of design, it is better that there’s a mutual understanding of what you as a client want to achieve. 

Because, otherwise everything from the paid hours to the resources used are going to extend beyond the optimal, leaving you with a sour experience.

How long will the development process take?

This question will help you segregate the best suitors for your case, as the completion of a website can be different for different developers. 

This in turn helps you adjust your commitments to this process better too, as the best team will be able to adjust to your office hours, availability, schedules and more.

Not only does it streamline discussions and reviews, but it avoids excessive billing and an overall delay in the results too.

What are the services that I can avail?

Developers of different scales offer various scales of services and plans. So when you’re on the lookout for one, making sure that you have chosen the one that will be able to provide all that you need is a must.

There’s a whole menu to choose from – like SEO upgrades, Social media marketing, landing pages, and other requirements to supplement the main website, the list is up to you to decide.

This helps in making sure you don’t miss out on a feature of your choice, or spending on features that are of no use to you.

What SEO strategies do you use?

An important part of letting someone design your website for you is knowing how versed they are with the latest SEO strategies and what resources they use to achieve them.

Since they decide the content that goes up on the webpages, all device compatibilities, and ways to make an overall strong web presence – then it is destined to be a bad deal. 

So, while finalising these matters make sure, they know their optimization strategies and keyword research, as well as better techniques to convert the web traffic into your leads.

How much say do I have over the design process?

Most times you would know what you want your website to look like, and even though after all the vital checks – you might be entrusting the developers fairly well – it is still necessary to ask how much input and editing you’ll be allowed throughout the process.

Once you have communicated about how much involvement you are willing to offer, and that gets settled, you have to make sure you are able to have the editing scope you seek.

You can always settle it in advance, so you can provide your comments without both the parties hindering the process at any point.

Do you offer content marketing packages?

Now, this is entirely up to the requirement at hand, but in most cases we want a website to serve a purpose – which is generating more leads and converting the visitors on the pages to customers.

And when your website designers offer content marketing as a part of their website development package, then it can have many benefits like getting search engine optimized content, more engaged visitors, and high-quality content that improves your rankings on SERPs.

If you already have an in-house content team, you might not require this, but in areas of inexpertise like designing landing pages or social media campaigns, it always comes in handy to use your developers’ SEO help.

How much would you charge for such a project?

Throughout this article, we have talked plenty about preventing cost leaks in the process of hiring the ultimate website designer, but when you have to seal the deal making sure that the right one fits the budget is equally important.

Developers have different hourly or per project rates; so when you are going to hire the candidate you like the most – you might want to settle their costing mechanism and make sure you can shell out that much, for a seamless experience. 

That being said, getting the cheapest website developer might not be the best idea, as you can end up with a product you’re not a fan of if you do so. Know when to pay extra if you see results you like, and not skimp it for a rush job, because you might want to get the perfect website in one go.

Do you offer custom as well as template websites?

Usually, web developers provide both types of websites, depending on what the client needs. Template websites are usually an economical option, but they aren’t the most optimized ones. 


These can also have a bad impact on the traffic that is generated on such pages, as the personal connection can feel lost.

Custom websites are the most ideal when you know that your website has a lot of expectations on it, given that a good developer can make sure it’s fast-loading, pretty looking, and good at lead generation. 

Custom websites will always take longer to build and bear a higher cost, so if you’re not looking for the same you might want to know if you can choose between custom and template options.

What would be the timeline for the project?

You can try to get an approximate idea of how long it would take to build a website through the developer, but given how many changes need to be implemented and other approvals – it is destined to be a little more elastic than you’d wish.

Apart from the monetary aspect of the time, this can also cost you important clients and making better business. 

So, when making such decisions, you need to make sure that each milestone is set in place with a tentative deadline; and the communication throughout should be stable so the progress is always discussed with you.

To sum it up

Finding the right website developer for your brand is going to take some research, effort and comparison. But when you keep these points in mind – you will be able to sort your options better. Regardless of each specification, the most important thing will be to find a developer that can understand your vision and is able to communicate with you well – so they can deliver the results that represent your brand the best.

But that’s not it!

Go ahead and get a no obligation, absolutely free 20 minutes one-o-one discussion with our experts and get your answers.

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