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How to get your business trending by following a method adopted by brands like Microsoft, Mercedes, and Cuponation?

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Do you want your business to trend?

Well, who doesn’t? But do you really think it’s possible? If you’re doubtful or don’t have an answer to that question then you’re at the right place. Reading this article will give you answers and convert your doubts into all assuming fact-based ‘Absolutely YES!’ sort of replies.


Now, the next question is HOW do you do that? 

The simplest answer is in the fact that to trend you need to align with something that’s already trending and ride the wave. 

So what’s trending since ages and not going to stop for years to come? Well, it’s a not-so-secret tool that you can use to trend your business. 


Cave Drawings/ Infographics/ Memes

Yes, it’s the visual form of presenting data that has always been there and is there to stay. 

Read on to find out the reason behind the success of cave drawings and how this Stone Age technique still rocks in the modern world.

How Infographics (the modern Cave Drawings) can be used for your business? 

Infographics are a medium of visual presentation of ideas. And there are some advantages infographics have as against textual information.

The most obvious advantage is that the images convey where there is a language barrier. Everyone understands represents money even if they do not understand the word ‘dinero’ (meaning ‘money’ in Spanish).

The other advantage is what we can understand by driving on a road. Ever wondered why sign boards on the road have symbols and not just text? That is because our brain perceives images faster than text.

The modern advantage of using infographic and also the advantage which will help you to trend is the gift of Social Media. We’ve all witnessed the speed at which we get messages or the speed at which anything goes viral – from memes to infographics to people. Travelling around the world is also becoming easier, ensuring large scale globalization. Ride in this wave with mini-infographics that are easy to share. You can also get a big infographic designed which can be broken into parts for social sharing.

SEO. And when I say SEO I really mean direct SEO and not indirect SEO. Yes, now you can have Google crawl through the text presented on your infographics. Created with code and offering a stunning design, infographics can now be used to increase SEO directly. To know more about how infographics can boost SEO

Trying your first one is easy

Now that you know why infographics are such a valuable resource to your business, it is time to get experimenting! Try creating & launching your first infographic. If you need professional help, we’re right here. And guess what you can have the same designers working for you who have worked for brands like Microsoft, Cuponation, Mercedes and that too at a budget starting at USD 200. To maximize your chances to get trending you can also opt for our Social Media Infographic Bundle which will also provide you with 3 to 4 posts for the same infographic specially for social sharing. So think wisely and evaluate if you wish to try this out and start trending or would prefer to keep wondering how others trend so very easily!

Go with experienced infographic designers for your first Infographic Design

 Just to set the expectations right, one infographic may not make you trend (Although there are high chances that it can) but it will be the start of a journey which will eventually result in more sales, more traffic, and more conversions, if done correctly. To do it right, contact the specialists at The Dreamer Designs who have an experience of designing over 1500 infographics.

Don’t wait. Get trending, today!

Nishant Sapra

Nishant Sapra

Nishant Sapra is an Indian design solution expert and infographic maestro, an avid learner with over 20 certifications in various business and design domains, and an Author too. He is the founder and creative head at The Dreamer Designs, an award-winning design agency from India. He is an entrepreneur with three businesses in the field of education, design, and e-commerce. When not working he likes reading, socializing, and spending time with his family. His dedication to extraordinary and beauty have compelled Nishant to hike his brand to international clients. You may be familiar with one of his pan-global projects, such as projects with brands like Mercedes, Microsoft, and Upwork. If not, howdy and lovely meeting you! Find him online (site/ mail/ facebook /linkedin)