Wondering how to retain user attention? Go the infographics way.

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With incredible amounts of information being added to the internet every second, capturing and retaining the attention of a user is a daunting task. Information overload is becoming a real problem with people moving away from countless words and incomprehensible sheets towards content that is easy to grasp and retain.

For information that can’t fit onto videos and podcasts, one would still require a way to relay information to the consumer. Enter infographics, a powerful tool that can take up incomprehensible data and turns it into visually appealing content which is easy to digest.

Infographics meaning is very clear, it uses an artistic way to collate and present information without losing the user’s interest. Infographics use multiple variations in colour, design, negative space, tables, charts, graphs, maps etc. to convert words into fun, attention-grabbing and engaging content. No doubt that infographics are changing the way we consume content.

Infographics have been generating a lot of attention owing to the fact that they visually represent extensive research material in a crisp and credible manner. Owing to this factor, infographics are becoming quite popular among organizations operating online as well as offline. Infographics sift through data, pick important points and show them to consumers so they can make decisions quickly and effectively.

Mentioned below are 8 reasons why infographics are impactful and the various ways in which they can benefit your business:

1. ATTENTION-GRABBING: If you’ve ever come across an infographic, you would know how attractive they can be. They provide information in a crisp manner capturing the interest of the user. With images, graphs, and visually appealing content, they ensure that a user will pause before moving forward. Bright colours, maps, and various design elements, also ensure that infographics don’t blend into each other, tickling our natural instinct which makes us such visual creatures

2. MAKE DATA COMPREHENSIBLE: Infographics are known for sifting through hoards of data, selecting essential data points, statistics, and figures and representing them in an attractive and relatively small area. With infographics, you wouldn’t be sending out a lot of content to grab user attention but creative chunks that solve the same purpose, but with higher CTRs

3. ANSWER QUESTIONS: Creative infographic ideas can find a way to answer user questions in an attractive manner. They can help bring in effective changes for which the infographic is being used

4. SUPPORT DECISION MAKING: In today’s fast-paced world, getting reliable information quickly can help save time and decrease decision-making time. This can be beneficial for businesses as they can get information that can easily be interpreted and lead to decisions that are accurate and quick

5. BUILDS TRUST: Infographics use graphs, charts, tables, arrows, and various other such elements to present information. The use of such elements takes forward important information to the users and helps them make correct decisions based on your expertise. This process gains the trust of each individual user and ensures user attention.

6. BRANDING: Infographics that are correct and visually appealing help users in gaining information that they require. If your infographics provide that information, you gain the user’s trust. This helps your business brand itself into the minds of the users as experts in the field

7. BUILD SOCIAL PRESENCE: Owing to the amount of information present on infographics, they can be used as social media posts to attract the attention of users and build an online presence. Infographics that share information have the potential of going viral thereby generating free branding and new user acquisition. To do this, you should always ensure that your infographics have your logo, name, and relevant contact details

8. INCREASE GOOGLE RANKING: Posting your content on websites and social media can generate a lot of back-link that can help increase SEO. Another way of increasing SEO is by creating SEO-friendly infographics – a new type of infographics created by us, The Dreamer Designs. The infographics that we create are made with HTML 5 with selectable text that Google can crawl. This advent in the creation of infographics helps generate a lot of SEO traffic. Read more about HTML based infographics here.

Infographics are a great way of generating business, relaying information and accelerating decision-making processes. These reasons have made infographics very popular in all industries, online as well as offline.

To create an effective infographic, you must keep the following points in mind:

1. ORIGINAL: A creative and original infographic has the potential of going viral and infinitely increasing your audience base. Original content also has the ability to be more attractive and attention-grabbing

2. EASY TO UNDERSTAND: If your infographic is not simple to understand, it may lose the quality that makes it so very attractive. Simple content ensures that people don’t get lost trying to understand the infographic, instead, they spend that time trying to understand and retain the information that the infographic is designed to provide

3. RELEVANT: The infographic that you create should be contextually relevant and concise. It should not talk about multiple variables that are not linked, this should be done to retain the attention of the user and not lose that attention due to factors that could have easily been avoided

4. SHOULD HAVE A UNIVERSAL DESIGN: You should ensure that the design of your infographic is universal so that basic signs and elements used can be understood by everyone. Using elements that may have different meanings may cause problems in relaying the correct information to all people

Infographics are a great way of providing information, retaining user attention, and driving business. If you intend on creating Infographics you must ensure that they are accessible to all people and show relevant content. There are many online infographic maker websites and infographic creators that you can connect with if you have any infographic creation requirements. The Dreamer Designs is one such infographics website. With a great team of designers, researchers, and content creators, we have been leading the space of infographics and have designed over 1200 infographics for brands like Mercedes, Cuponation, Microsoft, and more. If you’re looking for someone who can help you in generating infographic ideas, creating beautiful infographics, or want to have your questions answered, please click here.

Nishant Sapra

Nishant Sapra

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